Safety City Agenda

9:00 a.m.Buses arrive and students are greeted
9:03 a.m.Teachers and parents join coordinator
9:15 a.m.Safety officers assign and instuct
9:20 a.m.Begin 1st rotation - Split into 2 groups; 1A in trailer and 1B outside trailer
9:50 a.m.Switch groups - 1A in trailer and 1A outside trailer
10:25 a.m.Complete 1st rotation
10:30 a.m.DR. PEPPER BREAK
10:40 a.m.Begin 2nd rotation - Split into groups; 2A in trailer and 2B outside trailer
11:10 a.m.Switch groups - 2B in trailer and 2A outside trailer
11:45 a.m.Complete 2nd rotation - Coordinator presents certificates and returns evaluations to teacher
NOONBoard buses to return to school

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