Police Department Outline

  • Emergency 911
    • Why should you call 911?
    • Do you know how to call 911?
    • Name some reasons you call 911.
    • If you call 911 accidentally, what should you do?
  • Gun Safety (Guns are not toys!)
    • What do you do if you find a gun?
      1. Stop
      2. Don't touch
      3. Leave the area
      4. Tell an adult
    • Call 911 if someone is playing with a gun.
    • Guns Can Kill You
  • Remember...Stranger Danger
    • A stranger is someone you don't know.
    • A stranger can harm you!
    • NEVER go with a stranger.
    • Never take anything from a stranger.
    • Never talk to a stranger.
    • What bad things can a stranger give you?
    • What should you do if a stranger asks you to go with them?
      1. Say NO!
      2. Run Away Quickly.
      3. Tell an adult.
  • Vehicle Safety - How to Save a Life
    • Always were your seat belt!
    • Never ride in a care without your seat belt on!
    • You are valuable. Protect yourself by wearing your seat belt fastened.
    • Seat belts save lives!
  • Cross Walks
    • Stop
    • Look Left, Look Right, then Look Left again
    • Listen
    • Walk across the street
  • Home Alone Safety Tips
    • When home alone, never open the door.
    • Never tell anyone you will be home alone.
    • When answering the phone, never tell anyone you are home alone.
    • Keep a list of ememergency numbers
    • Do not have friends over without permission when your parents are not home.

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